Recently when I visited the students in our school classrooms, one of the children asked me what was my favorite season of the liturgical year? I immediately said it was Christmas. I explained that it is not only because I love to decorate my home with lots of Christmas trees and lights, but also because others love to do the same. It is not only because we give gifts to our family and friends, but also because we think about those who have no family and friends and we give to them. It is not only because it is a joyful time for Christians who believe in Jesus, but also because the rest of society joins in the joyfulness even if they don’t share our faith.


Yes. I love Christmas and all the distractions it brings because no matter what the skeptics say, Christmas is still great news for the whole world. It seems that the whole world, if only for one day of the year, agree to be joyful and peaceful. I love Christmas and even though this Christmas will be hard for me without my brother, best-friend and soulmate, Paul, I still believe in the power of Christmas and I want more of what it brings—joy and love.


The ultimate message of Christmas is that God loves humanity. In choosing to become human, God wants us to know that our final destiny is to become divine. He chose to take on our human condition so we would know that he created all of us in his own image and all humans reflect a part of God. He wants us to love him by loving one another without exception. He came into the world as the light of the world and to assure us that no matter how dark things get, his light will always prevail. That is a beautiful and powerful message that can heal the whole world of all its wounds if we let in that love. After nearly 2 years of the pandemic, we all need that message now more than ever.


St. John of the Cross believed that only God could inflame the heart with love so deep that it penetrates every recess and heals every wound. God wants us to rest in his presence where he can love us and we allow him to do so. God’s love transforms us from the inside out and then allows us to love others and transform others.


This Christmas, I hope we can all rest in Christ and share his love with others. Yes, with family and friends, but also reach out to others beyond our family boundaries and be part of this healing love in our world. I promise it will change you as much as it changes the person you are trying to love. St. John of the Cross once said “Where there is no love, put love, and you will draw out love.” Let’s draw out love from one another.


Christ is the light of the world and at Christmas we come to let the light of Jesus shine. We come to celebrate the birth of Christ as the Son of God and to accept the powerful message of God made flesh. We come to share in that love with others and make Christmas everybody’s favorite season!


I hope to see you in person at one of the many Masses we will have over the next few days. But if you are not able to come in person, then please join us online livestream and let us know where you are watching from. And if you are traveling, stay safe and healthy.


Merry Christmas!


Fr. Brendan