At Saint Simon Parish, we are focusing on re-engaging our youth, giving them a safe place to come together in fellowship while having fun. We encourage all teens to come along, hang out and reconnect with friends, old and new. Kalena Moreira is our new Youth Minister and her team has a fun calendar of events and a retreat planned for our youth. The retreat will be held on November 4-6, off-site at the Via Services Retreat Center which is close by in Cupertino.

Retreat Information

There is a wonderful program planned including downtime for school reading and homework. Kalena and team will be joined by Row David (from Holy Spirit Youth Ministry), Steve Do (former Director of Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese), Robbie O’Campo (who has worked in Youth Ministry and is part of the Music Program here at Saint Simon) and Jon Manongdo (singer/songwriter musician).

Our Team

Our High School Youth Ministry is run by a Core Team of College Students and High School leaders that have worked together in planning meetings, retreats and Vacation Bible School (VBS).  They attend or attended a variety of high schools in the area, both public and private.  We have watched them “grow up” and are extremely proud of their contributions back to the community.

More Information

For more information about the retreat and our High School Youth Ministry program, please contact Kalena here and you can also follow Saint Simon Youth Ministry on Instagram for updates @saintsimon_ym.