I recently listened to a podcast with Bill Perkins, the author of the book called Die With Zero. It was a fascinating listen and the book should prove to be a great read. The basic thesis is to spend your money on things that bring fulfillment now and not just save it up till you are too old to spend it and enjoy it. He had some intriguing ideas upon which I need to reflect further. 


One distinction he made was between “net worth” and “net fulfillment.” The chase of more money will not bring more meaning to one’s life. While that seems obvious to people of faith, we often find ourselves caught up in earning more so we can spend more only to find out that having more stuff is not any more fulfilling. Living a more fulfilling life is often a function of being more attentive to the present moment and seeing the gift of the present while also seeing the opportunity for enhanced fulfillment in sharing with others. 


Perkins made a great analogy, “life is like a game of Tetris” where the object of the game is putting the right pieces into the right place at the right time and not just going faster. It is about the right piece, right time, right place! Life is the same way in which we have to admit that at any given time we have opportunities to do some things and those opportunities will never present themselves again. For example, over 10 years my brother asked me to climb Kilimanjaro Mountain in Africa with him and I seized that opportunity to do so. Since then, my brother hurt his knee badly and is not able to climb mountains and recently I hurt my knee and I do not think this is something we could do at this stage in our lives. Thankfully,  the right time, right place and I have already done it! Put another way, there are different seasons in our life that we need to be aware of and then put that reality into living life accordingly. Our faith provides many opportunities to reflect on that reality and live appropriately.


This week, the Church shifts from the Christmas season into the Ordinary Time season. That is not to say it is ordinary as in “not extraordinary” time but it is “ordered time.” We have this season for about six weeks before we enter the season of Lent. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the current time of life and be attentive to its own uniqueness. Whether we are busy with the children in school and sports or whether we are slowing down with illness visiting us. Each season brings its own challenges and embracing the reality helps us seize fulfillment in this time. There might be some distinct holy moments (as our Christmas book reminds us) right before us and they might never come our way again. It is all about being attentive to the present moment and being mindful of its gift of grace.


Slow down a little and breathe in the grace of this holy moment and notice what this particular time can offer you as a gift—right piece, right time, and right place!


Finally, a quick reminder to invite your friends and family to join you at Mass this weekend as we have John Angotti back at all Masses. It is such a special graced moment when he visits as all the musicians, cantors, and choirs come together to play and sing at extraordinary levels. I look forward to seeing you at Mass this weekend.


God bless,


Fr. Brendan