VBS 2022 Huge Success!

G’Day Mates! We are back from our trip down under where we learned about God’s creation of our life! We played some Hoppin Good Games, had some Top Koala-Ty Treats, and made some Turtle-y Terrific Crafts and even a science project! We sang “Zoomerang, Zoomeroo” every morning and learned some dance moves to a song all about different Australian animals and how we are Wonderfully Made in God’s image and likeness. We explored how each of us is made similar and different from one another and that we are all special in the ways God made us.


Our trip to Australia would not have been possible without a couple groups of people. First, our adult volunteers. We would like to thank the following for giving us their time and helping hands to make our camp possible: Karen Moreira, Kim Karmirantzos (Adult volunteer coordinator, Prayers and Mass coordination), Stephen Lee (Photographer), Laura Ruelas (Snacks), Jannet Torres (Decor), Monica Hickam and Angela Schauffleur (Adult Volunteers), Beth (Registration and Administrative Support).


We want to thank our CORE team who has worked long hours to make sure the camp is fun, safe, and teaches the message of God through all their individual talents: Yasmine Bari, Tiffany Bollivar, Laura Fesas, Juliette Fesas, Victor Gonzolas, Nikos Karmirantzos, Amanda Lue, Diane Lue, Joey Moreira, RJ Moreira, Kalena Moreira, Rachel Perez, and Chase Tomac. And last, we want to thank all of our campers and counselors because our camp would not have existed without YOU! We made so many friendships throughout the week with you and we cannot wait to see you again next year for another STELLAR week!