Saint Simon Parish is presenting a special two-night showing of John Angotti’s musical with a professional cast from New York City and Los Angeles on Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20 at 7:00pm. It has inspiring and upbeat songs, in the style of Jesus Christ Superstar.

This story has been told countless times before, and with good reason. The Book of Job is a powerful source of spiritual understanding around pain and suffering. “JOB: The Now Testament” offers an original and thought-provoking telling of the story of Job.

The musical tells the story of a man, Aaron, dealing with his own mortality having received a devastating diagnosis. Aaron, his wife, and friends are reeling from the diagnosis. The group find themselves volunteering at a soup kitchen, where Aaron’s news is causing confusion and angst — why do bad things happen to good people? Later that evening, as Aaron is lamenting his situation, a faith-filled friend tells him the story of Job.

As Aaron listens, he drifts off to sleep. His dreams transport him to the book of Job. His friends are in the dream too, and through it, Aaron learns lessons that help him in his own life.

Written and scored by John Angotti, the musical is an exhilarating performance with a cast from New York and Los Angeles including Meredith Augustine. Angotti, a music missionary, created the play after dealing with a series of personal tragedies. Angotti has made beautiful art out of his own suffering, with audiences throughout the country enjoying the musical.

“I saw John’s show in Santa Monica some years ago. It left a lasting impression on me. I believe everyone can relate to the story and enjoy the original songs. It’s a powerful play with a message of hope, healing and that faith endures,” said Saint Simon Pastor, Fr. Brendan McGuire.

Tickets can be purchased HERE. $20 per adult. Children under 18yrs are free.