Church Technology Ministry

When we worship and learn, we retain more from the experience when it engages multiple senses.  Audio, visual and other forms of technology assist in the use of all our senses, leading to increased participation and a deeper experience.  Excellence in worship today allows for the use of technology that attracts new worshipers and encourages full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy.

The Church Technology Ministry is a great way for people with technical knowledge to serve the Lord in a meaningful way. Our Mission is to help enhance our worship experience by using the technology that is available to create a satisfying audio and visual presence in the Mass or various liturgical gatherings.  We follow the guidelines as outlined in the Diocese of San Jose Media In Worship publication.

As well as utilizing technology during Mass, the Church Technology Ministry supports other parish events such as lectures, concerts, and parish meetings.

How does one become a Church Technology Minister?

If you would be interested in serving in the Liturgical ministry of Church Technology, contact Jurgen or