Funeral Support Ministry

We offer prayer and our condolences to all those dealing with the loss of loved ones. Funeral arrangements are coordinated with the Parish through the Mortuary. After meeting with the Mortuary, family members are asked to contact one of our parish priests to discuss details and make arrangements for any services that will be overseen by St. Simon.

A reception after a funeral Mass or memorial service at St. Simon may be available for parishioners depending on the facilities availability. A staff member or volunteer will contact the family for their preferences which we will do our best to accommodate during this difficult time.

If available, St Simon parishioner volunteers will help set up for the reception, serve and clean up. Some food can be provided by our Helping Hands volunteers and the rest to be provided or catered by the family such as paper goods, drinks, and other food items.

Funeral Receptions are a community effort made available by the members of the Funeral Reception Ministry. If you wish to share your talents to help support a grieving family, please join this ministry by contacting the Rectory office at 650-880-1401 or email


Grief Support Ministry

We have a Grief Support Group that meets once a month, facilitated by Gavin Corn, a parishioner. There is more information on the group and meetings dates click here. Grief support discussions are held with Pastoral Staff as needed. If you are interested and would benefit from participating in a support group for those grieving from the loss of a loved one, please contact the Rectory office at 650-880-1401 or email