Reflection by Joan Mibach on the Tijuana Mission Trip July 2023

I am often asked why I travel each summer to be a part of the BASICS Tijuana Ministry mission trip.  Why would I want to spend my vacation where it is often hot, where water and electricity is intermittent, where schedules call for long days with little sleep, and the need for service never seems to end.  The answer to the why question for me is simple.  The people are the reason I go, both those who travel with us as missionaries, and the people of Tijuana whom we serve. Read more here

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Here is a link to just a few of the many, many pictures of our 2023 mission trip.  We hope to see many of you with us next summer!   God bless.

Joan Mibach

2023 Tijuana Ministry Trip – July 1-8, 2023

With the organization, Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASICS), we will travel to Maria Inmaculada Parish in the La Morita area on the outskirts of Tijuana, about 20 miles from the US border to build homes for four families in need. For questions contact Joan Mibach here or visit the BASICS website here.

In 2022, we built homes for two families in need and the families were so very grateful. The St. Simon team left their mark of God’s love that will have a multigenerational impact on the families forever. 

Since 2005, BASICS (Brothers and Sisters in Community Service) and the Tijuana Ministry have been providing an immersion experience to build homes for families in dire need and minister to women, children and teens in Tijuana’s La Morita area. For questions contact Joan Mibach here or visit the BASICS website here.


The Tijuana construction projects include building houses for families in desperate need.   These families are selected by the parish of St. Eugenio in Tijuana. Houses are 16″ x 32″ and include 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a living area.

Mother’s Program

The mother’s program is aimed at building relationships and community. Many of the families in this Tijuana parish are from diverse places, and may not know each other well. The mother’s program was developed to help build a sense of community among the mothers. In addition to craft projects, the mother’s program also provid some lessons on hygiene, nutrition, finance, relationships and catechism.

Children’s Programs

The children’s program in centered on providing children in the area with safe, fun activities, as well as some educational content and catechism. We also provid the children with a snack each day, and some donated toys at the end of the week. Typically over 200 children attend this week long camp.

Teen’s Programs

This programs is provided for local teens who spend much of their day tending to their younger siblings as their parents work. We provide activities and teach craft ideas that the families can sell at the local outdoor markets.

Social Justice

As part of the Social Justice ministry, our mission group attempts to learn about local conditions and interact and gain understanding of the local residents. As part of this, we visite various sites like the memorial at the US/Mexican Border, and Casa del Migrante, a homeless shelter for migrants and recently deported men. We also attend mass with the community and host discussions with local families.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Joan Mibach here or visit the BASICS website here.

Join us for a trip that changes lives and communities…including ours!


In the beginning was the Word; the Word was in God’s presence, and the Word was God.  God was present from the beginning.  Through God all things come into being and apart from God nothing came into being.

From the Gospel of John, 1: 1-2